Things to do in Rotorua New Zealand

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Top 10 Walking/Hiking Locations in Rotorua

Walkers and hikers alike will delight in Rotorua. It has some of the world’s most beautiful lakes and forests where trails and walkways abound for each kind of person. There is the ever-popular Tarawera Trail which offers a treat to adventurers. The trail ends at a geothermal pool where exhausted travellers can relax. The area also hosts both the Tarawera Trail Marathon and the Tarawera Ultramarathon. There’s also a lot more than visitors can discover. Here are the top locations in Rotorua for hiking and waking:

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Top 10 Excursions in Rotorua

If you are planning your next trip, Rotorua should be the first one on your list of places to explore. There are many reasons to visit Rotorua including its rich culture, friendly and welcoming locals, interesting history, a wide array of outdoor activities, and of course, its geothermal playground. Here are the top 10 excursions you need to take when you’re in Rotorua.

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