It is important to distinguish between your gross and net income. By doing so, you can determine how much extra you have for your daily needs as well as luxuries. When talking about your salary, you want to use every bit of it to achieve the lifestyle that you wanted. However, the pay isn’t always this simple. There are various factors to consider, like Medicare, tax, and superannuation. To properly budget and handle your finances, it’s vital to understand what your gross and net income is, and how to calculate it. If you are not a massive fan of Math, then you might’ve overlooked the calculations of your superannuation and tax. Good thing there are innovative tools that you can use to handle your salary without the need to spend money hiring an accountant. Your best buddy would be a pay calculator – an all-in-one tool to manage your payroll and design your budget. Today’s article is brought to you by Perfect Payday, where you can get a payday loan in an emergency.

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